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About Us





About Us

What does a risk manager actually do to serve a client?
  • First, we administer the insurance program as we find it.

  • We survey risk and evaluate risk as you have created it through your unique operations.

  • We design marketing materials and create a tailor made insurance program.

  • We maximize the design using risk tolerance levels of the principals.

  • The risk manager exploits current market conditions with accurate exposures and a clear understanding of market forces and trends.

  • We consider the financial strength of the client in the insurance design.

  • We expect decisions of the risk manager to engender "peace of mind" with these design options and comfort of the principal decision maker.

  • From the many possible insurance and self insurance options come solutions at various price points.

  • We evaluate the quality of the insurer and services provided at the most favorable price points.

  • We competitively bid insurance with pragmatic and clear objectives in mind through and RFP process approved by top management and verified by the key employee charged with insurance and risk matters.

  • We conduct competition in a fair and consistent manner. If the client is very satisfied with the current servicing agent we do not disrupt relationships unless fiduciary concerns warrant our advisement.

  • We always proceed with management input, discussing options and expecting ultimate decision maker is an officer of the company. Risk Advisors, Inc. facilitates and guides the process. You retain control.

  • We administer claims and maintain valuable files easily accessible by corporate officers or designated employees.

  • We advise on reserves, claims status, litigation matters, legal counsel, claims communications such as depositions and discovery.

  • We accept or reject claims representatives and interact with all parties as needed and as advisable.

  • We walk the properties with safety and security and loss avoidance foremost during our walk arounds with site personnel.

  • We participate in national risk benchmarking projects with NMHC, NAREIM and RIMS.

  • We share our library of risk related materials gleaned in over 30 years of hands on risk management experience, which has been funded by others, over this long business experience period.

  • We research and build extensive material resources on specialty issues such as mold and fungi, pollution, lead, asbestos, toxins, OSHA computer risks and many other related aspects which may cause loss but not be insurable or insurable at exorbitant rates.

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